AD necklace set

What Is AD necklace Set?

Sparkling necklaces are a timeless accessory, but diamonds can be expensive. AD necklace sets offer a beautiful and budget-friendly alternative. Let's break down what exactly an AD necklace set is:

What is an AD Necklace Set?

  • An AD necklace set is a Jewelry set which includes an ad necklace, and often ad earrings, made with man-made diamonds called american diamonds (AD), which look similar to real diamonds but are more affordable.
  • These simulated stones are typically cubic zirconia (CZ), a crystal known for its brilliance and fire.

Is American Diamond Real or Fake?

No, "American Diamond" is not a real diamond. It's a term for used for man made diamonds (cubic zirconia) which resembles to high-quality real diamonds.

What Does "AD" Stand For?

The most common meaning or full form of "AD" in AD Jewellery is American Diamond, and in some cases it might also refer to Austrian Diamond.

  • American Diamond (as discussed above)
  • Austrian Diamond (another term for high-quality CZ)

So, if you're looking for a dazzling necklace set at an accessible price point, then an AD necklace set might be the perfect choice for you!

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